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Monday, August 17, 2009
ain't no Monday Blues...
1stly, my monthly cramppy fren came rather early tis time and im unprepared but thanks to coca-cola as it does help reducing the pain.
2ndly, mandai lake gets showered juz now..and i was showering as well la..not once,but twice. Dock 2 looks more like east coast beach today as it was quite hazy and there are small waves(according to a guest). the wind was super strong till the payong also bengkok and ternaik..so i gave up on it and got drenched. the so uncool part was tat the new uniform is transparent esp when its wet and it sticks to ur body..paisey la kn..lagi worse,im having my period and it feels so uneasy.
3rdly, da tak larat nk alek naik public coz im already wet and the cramp came back, so naseb abg gue available to fetch me.when he sampai,suddenly ask "asl saket??" and uat muke cramp...nyaa laa..then da sampai bwh blk,he ask me to go up first coz he will carry my stuff for me..ahha..org cramp je pe bknnye sampai tkleh angkat bag..anyway tks la kn.. tapi yg penting da sampai atas,i got no keys..syabash!

i aslo can't stand it as my sister is getting more annoying and irritating!! haizz..

I MISS MY ITE DAYS...pls taking care ppl!

shyly burrow at 7:17 PM

Sunday, July 26, 2009
my so called 2nd semester has started
alot more new students in the class
and i feel like kurang ajar coz tak kenal2 wif them
at least i said hello n smile la kn..
malu ar..they also malu2 so..wait long2 ar
but its kind of boring ar without Tom,Azri,Nitya and im not sure if Athirah still gonna continue studying due to her bz working schedule..

let me introduce my classmates ehh...

some of the ladies

during my group presentation la kn...

picture wif our lecturer but not everyone was present

yg penting semangat ar..

the cool grp: tom,nitya,azri,me

tats Damien on the far right..whahaha

wif Ben before our exam

gang alek same2..

shyly burrow at 9:04 PM

Saturday, July 18, 2009
JULY = SAD-ED month!

not being at work for less than a week seems like a month for me.changes happen really fast.
my absence cause me to missed alot of issues.connection can be seen drifting too.
maybe it is juz me that dun seem to be bothered to them.to ask what's going around.
yeah, i am boring..so that's y they made it a missed.
basically..i was late to noe tat sumone was dead and they said: "i tot u noe? nobody told u?"
how sad-ed..
and only until today i knew it all.actually 2 of them whom i met at work passed-away
even though im not close to them,its juz so shocking to me and it tremble me to hear the story behind it.
well..rest in peace guys.

i also discovered things that are not surprising to me but its juz so sad to noe that ur love ones are involved in it. i can juz wish u all the best in ur life.

its also very-very sad to look at myself when the cash quantity is running low..
saddest thing would be having alot of break-outs at one go..and would even get alot of comments abt it...shut-up! its normal..hope u have it more than mine..oppsss.

ok enough already..hope next month would be better!

shyly burrow at 12:35 AM

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
haizz...bored ar
best is to keep myself bz then
wonder wat everybody is doing huh..
and wat are u people feeling
basically im juz...umphh..
ok..i shut up and die

shyly burrow at 12:40 AM

Friday, June 05, 2009
H.E.R.P.E.S => any 0f several inflammatory skin diseases

tat's wat i've got n together wif sum kind of infection on the join of my lip

watever ar ehh..kalo tk faham, faham-faham kn je la

sakit beb..bibir mcm nk terkoyak gitu

tapi sakit2 pon mkn tetap GO!


nyaa laa...

ni semua balasan asyik mengutuk org la agaknye

padan kat muke ako..

okok..mintak2 bende ni baik cepat..

same2 la kite doakn ye

at the same time...Makmunyim da start keje

kat KFC Admiralty la kn..

cute kapah mak ako..aja aja fighting!

ok bye!!

shyly burrow at 5:42 PM

Monday, June 01, 2009

can't u like get my signal tat i dun like to be entertain by u??
u started it up wrongly
like a bug tat im dying to kill
stop trying..

shyly burrow at 1:09 AM

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
some of the cake pulut kuning cutting ceremony pictures...

celebrating 3 ppl bdae

Nur Shahirah


Bibik Gasidah

DJ Warrior

wif Ratna-ku

i've started skooling!
my 1st day at skul yesterday was not tat bad
the teacher is fun
the students are gerek
the classroom is cold
the whiteboard is small
i was late la kn..biase jgk
luckily everyone said Hello! when i came in
tat was a good begining n i was smiling all the way to my table
well most of them already noe each other as they are from the March intake grp
im kind of lost and alone..
yg penting i kept cool ar so i hope i dun give them a bad impression
the best moment of all when i told them to call me DIJAH...1 of the guy suddenly said DJ
y dun we call u DJ?..everyone was making some noise n knodding their heads..
so i said my frens called me tat actualli n i show my big smile..
i felt more comfortable
when the teacher asked if im werking n where?
n tat same guy anwered for me..saying tat im werking at MOS
yeah..our DJ Dijah werking at Ministry of Sound..
everyone laughed..dun see it coming la kn
there are Tom & Jerry in the class
as well as Saddam(referring to Saddam Hussein)
Gab the army guy
the security lady
a businessman
indon mari pon ada..
Organisational Behaviour is the module we started wif yesterday
da lamer otak tk function kn,so smlm mcm ade slow gitu

shyly burrow at 4:17 PM


dj/nek jah/warrior




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